Primal or Paleo? Which to choose?

I consider myself more or less Primal because I do include dairy.
I do lean towards paleo most of the time, but I don’t eliminate dairy completely.
For me, that’s the primary difference.
Paleo also tends to shy away from saturated fats more than Primal.
I don’t avoid sat fats, but I don’t intentionally increase it, either.
That’s personal preference more than “diet dogma”.
Example: I don’t care for 73/27 or 80/20 ground beef, I like 85/15 or leaner.
I add fats via avocado, olives, olive/avocado/macadamia/grapeseed/coconut oils.
Not because they’re necessarily more healthy, just because my taste buds like them better.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the little fatty tail end of the ribeye if it’s grilled right!
But I really don’t want my burger patty swimming in a puddle of oil worthy of the Exxon Valdez.
I know there are more differences, but Keep It Simple Silly just seems to make any plan more do-able.

This is a short entry. I misplaced my marbles early 😉

I think I’ll fast today so: water, coffee, tea, broth (probably chicken since that’s what I have frozen).

My current favorite paleo and primal sites:


Your mission today: make it through the end of July!

This is the gauntlet run for food for my family.
May: Son graduates from College followed by Mothers day followed by hubbs and my anniversary.
June: sons birthday followed by Fathers day followed by Grandmothers birthday.
July: Fourth of July followed by my birthday.

It’s a minefield of food celebrations and pitfalls.

I can honestly say I’m worried about being able to stay Primal through it all.
Am I 100% Primal?
I mean, I try to be.
I really do.
I can control what I put in front of me, but eating out can be tricky.
Even ordering a steak or grilled chicken or fajitas, you have to be very diligent about what “they” put in/on/around foods.
So I always feel I did well, but not 100%, when we eat out.
Celebrations usually include cake, pie, ice cream, etc.
Ok I can do a cheesecake with stevia and no crust. Same with a custard(using almond milk or coconut milk).
But I have yet to find a cake that is, well, cakey.
Yes they make gluten free cake mixes and recipes, but those are normally loaded with sugar.
Luckily I love fruit, and most can be frozen and pureed into a passable iced treat.
It’s a challenge, and I accept it as one, but I’m not unaware of the difficulty ahead.

Fan-tam-dastic Avocado Salad Dressing
1 medium haas avocado (about 3oz once seeded and peeled)
1 small tomato (about 2oz), rough chopped
Cilantro – about 4 sprigs unless you hate it, then skip it
1 clove garlic, peeled
2 green onions, chopped roughly
¼ cup water
½ cup good quality oil (avocado, macadamia, grapeseed, olive – your choice)
2 Tablespoons lemon juice
2 Tablespoons vinegar (Bragg’s etc, with the mother)
Sea Salt and pepper to taste

*I prefer grapeseed oil because it’s very light and doesn’t mask the flavor of the other ingredients.

In a blender or food processor puree the avocado, tomato, cilantro, garlic, onions and water until smooth.
With it running, add the vinegar and lemon juice, then add the oil and let it emulsify.
If it thickens too much, add more water, a little at a time.
Taste, add salt and pepper and refrigerate until ready to use.
**For a little kick, add ½ a fresh jalapeno or other pepper when pureeing the first ingredients.
**For a mildly sweet version, add ½ a diced mango or peach to the puree, or for a calorie free sweetness, use a little stevia.

Food today:
Breakfast: coffee with a splash of coconut milk
Lunch: pan sauteed onions, garlic and beef liver, lettuce and tomato salad with my “Fan-tam-dastic Avocado Salad Dressing”
Supper: Primal taco salad


A word of ignorance (on my part) about Texas Roadhouse sweet potatoes

Yesterday was National Prime Rib day so, like a good Americans (lol), we went to Texas Roadhouse for prime rib.
Trying to stay as primal as possible, I ordered a salad with no croutons and snuck my own little bottle of dressing in.
Prime rib! Yeah buddy.
Side? Well, I think I’ll have the baked sweet potato. Our extremely nice and personable server asked if I’d like that “loaded”, so I’m thinking butter, sour cream, chives, bacon – sounds great! Yes please 🙂
When the meal comes I’m staring face to uh, well, glop, of a potato stuffed with melted marshmallows.
What the heck?
So I scraped that off and put it on the (unused) bread plate and am greeted by a layer of melted, buttery brown sugar.
Not so happy anymore. I did manage to scrape the majority out, along with half the sweet potato.
So let this serve as fair warning that “loaded potato” doesn’t always mean the same thing.
(The prime rib was great though, and the part of the potato I did eat was nicely baked).

Belvita breakfast cookies commercial

The commercial is cute and the song is catchy.
I see this:

Being a Texas girl, I hear this:

You know, the golden magical liquid that adorns so many classic Southern dishes. No, not paleo or primal, maybe not even “food” by many standards, but don’t dis’ the velveeta! 🙂

Back to the belvita healthy breakfast cookies.

ingredients: whole grain blend (rolled oats, rye flakes), enriched flour [wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate (vitamin b1), riboflavin (vitamin b2), folic acid], high oleic canola oil, sugar, evaporated cane sugar, whole grain wheat flour, malt syrup (from corn and barley), invert sugar, baking soda, salt, soy lecithin, disodium pyrophosphate, datem, ferric orthophosphate (iron), niacinamide, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin b6), riboflavin (vitamin b2), thiamin mononitrate (vitamin b1). contains: wheat, soy.

Hmmm so that’s:
flour, canola oil, sugar, sugar, more flour, more sugar, still more sugar, soy, additives.
Not exactly primal or paleo lol.

Why am I picking on belvita? I’m not. I just heard the commercial again and, well, that’s what a blog is for, right?

Since I’m talking about breakfast:
Primal Strawberry Jam

16 fresh or frozen strawberries (about 2 cups), cleaned and quartered
1 cup water
stevia, honey or maple syrup to taste
1 tablespoon lemon juice (or orange, lime, even grapefruit)
1 envelope knox or other plain gelatin

In a saucepan bring strawberries and water to a simmer for 3 minutes, just enough to soften the berries slightly.
Cool until it’s still warm to the touch, then stir in the lemon juice and sweetener(if using).
Use an immersion blender and blend until it’s the desired chunkiness, then stir in the gelatin until dissolved.
Refrigerate up to two weeks.

April 28 National Blueberry Pie Day!
Ok not paleo or primal, but maybe some fresh/frozen blueberries topped with some whipped cream? Seems legit 😉

Grass Fed, Antibiotic and Hormone Free and a much thinner… wallet!


I live in a small Texas town. They call it a city, but that’s pushing it. It’s a town.
Trying to eat “healthy” can eat through your budget.
“Sourcing” organic produce is easy. Most of the chain stores have it without problem.
You can eat seasonally, like our ancestors did. Just Google what’s in season for your part of the world and you can find all sorts of great info and trek off to the grocery store with a good idea of what would be naturally available right this minute.
Me? I can’t wait for peaches and watermelon to be in season.

But I digress. What was I going on about? Oh yeah: grass fed, organic, antibiotic free, cost and local availability.

Beef and other meats, not so much. At all.
Yes the chain stores carry Laura’s Lean and Nolan Ryan beef to some extent, but not much variety.
But, hey, I have the internet and there are loads of online sources, if you’re willing to pay $10 a pound for ground beef, $14 a pound for a roast, etc. Not to mention a minimum of $20 additional for shipping.

I decided to bite the bullet and order some beef since son is still away at school for another month and it’s just the hubby and me.

So I ordered 16 burger patties(1/3lb each), 2lbs of beef tenderloin trimmings(chunks), and 2lbs of liver. I love liver, so does the dog. The “guys” won’t touch it. We’re set.

I used and I do recommend them, the beef has excellent flavor and the packaging/shipping great.
(no I don’t get kickbacks for recommending them lol)

American Criollo Beef Association
PO Box 426
Winters, TX 79567
Fax: 325-767-3687

Now here’s one any Paleo/Primal can sink their teeth into.
April 27 is National Prime Rib Day!!

Food today!

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with zucchini, coffee
Lunch: prime rib, salad with olive oil and vinegar(if I can sneak it into the restaurant), steamed broccoli
Supper: salad with lettuce, spinach, tomato, cucumber, pepper, onions, olives, oil and vinegar, sardines on the side

Working on my own (many!) personality quirks.

I’m diet tracking obsessed.
Maybe not:
But close.
I try not to be, but I am. Is admitting it the first step to recovery?
If I ate it, or plan on eating it, I’m tracking it.
I check restaurant menus online before we leave to find something that will work with my plan.
I bar code scan things at the grocery store.
I’m the lady who’s standing there reading the label. I used to HATE her! Now I AM her.

Is this all bad?
Maybe. Sometimes.
Supposedly, you’re not supposed to worry about carbs, cals, fat, etc on Primal/Paleo plans, but if you’re trying to lose weight, they definitely play into the grand scheme of things.
The other thing is: I love to cook.
And, because of that, I track recipes to get an idea of the carbs, cals, fats, etc in each recipe to make sure I’m not making a 2000 calorie “snack” food.

So I’m going to try going a full week without tracking my foods.
If I make new recipes, yes, I’ll input that, but meals and daily, I’m going to try and not do it.

Wish me luck!

April 26 National Pretzel Day !!!

I really need to drink more water.

If I get 24oz a day, that’s a good day. I drink a lot of coffee(I know, bad) and a lot of herbal teas (not too bad) but water, notsomuch.
I have been fiddling with my own flavored waters to break it up.

Natural flavored waters easy peasy recipe
(sweetened or unsweetened, your choice, but use stevia if you’re trying to keep it more natural but still low in calories and/or carbs).

Zest citrus of your choice.
Either 1 large (grapefruit, large orange) or 3 small (lemons, limes).
Add 1 cup of water to a saucepan and bring to a simmer, add the zest and simmer until the liquid is reduced by about half.
Strain through a tea strainer to remove the zest, or not
If you leave the zest in, the flavor will get more intense and eventually bitter, but if you’re using it all in a day or two, you can leave it in and strain it as you need it.
Add just a little sweetener, if desired, you’re not making a kool-aid substitute, just a mild hint of flavor.
Add about 1 teaspoon per glass of water to give it a hint of flavor.

Today’s menu plan:
Breakfast: coffee and… more coffee
Lunch: fish tacos (pan fried cod dusted very lightly with arrowroot flour to get a crust, in steamed cabbage leaves topped with shredded lettuce dressed with a little home-made mayo and rooster sauce combo
Supper: kind of in an egg mood, so maybe some simple scrambled eggs with sliced tomato and avocado on the side.

Chia Seeds!

You remember them, right?
Who knew, all those years ago, the infamous “crappy gift” would become a healthy food?

WebMD only focuses on the weight loss aspect:

But looking into the nutrition, the chia is a goldmine of healthy goodness.

How to use them?
Google will have tons of recipes from simple “add almond milk” to “no, really? 2oz of yak fur?”.

I prefer simple.

Paleo Chia Cranberry Sauce
1lb fresh cranberries
2T lemon juice (or orange juice, or lime -just some citrus)
2 cups water
pinch of sea salt
3T chia seed (color doesn’t matter)
stevia to taste

Bring cranberries, lemon juice and water to a simmer until the berries start to pop and the liquid thickens a little.
Cool to room temp then taste and add stevia. (or honey or maple syrup, whatever your diet says is ok!).
Stir in chia and stir every 10 minutes for 30 minutes to prevent the chia from clumping.
Refrigerate for up to one week.

Diet Forums

We love them, right?
The endless war of words.
The conflicting information.
The “my facts are bigger than your facts” (aka: the “my copy and paste skills are better than yours. I don’t know what I just posted, but I win!”)
The “studies” today are different than yesterday, are different than tomorrow, are back to what they were yesterday….
The trolls.

Sometimes it’s hard to navigate.
You get so overloaded with information and misinformation, the in-fighting, the “queen bee syndrome”, it’s hard to sort through any of it and get the answers you’re seeking.

Ask a question and you can get an answer, be called an idiot, told your question makes no sense, be told you’re on the wrong board, or just be ignored.
Hopefully more of the first than the rest.

So how do you get a response on a busy forum?
1. Make sure you’re on the correct board on the site. If you’re asking a question about paleo, don’t ask on the Carbohydrates Addicts board.
2. Be concise. People need information. The simplest things would be: when you started; how much you need to lose; if you take any medications/have medical conditions; what diet you are on; what you eat in a typical day (and list amounts); anything you feel is pertinent.
3. Make a subject line/title that has your question, not “I have a question”, but “I have a question about primal diets and dairy”.
4. Spell check! I know, but some people love to make a HUGE point that you didn’t spell your plan name correctly, so how could you possibly know anything? (It’s Atkins, not Adkins, BTW).
5. Don’t post and run. Read the responses and thank others for taking the time to respond. If you post once, then not again for a month asking for more help, you’re likely to get ignored or told it was rude not to respond.
6. The Golden Rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. No, it doesn’t always work. Some people are just naturally snarky and rude, but a lot of the time, your kind words can make the difference for someone else struggling.

Anyway the food!
Breakfast: coffee, egg and spinach cooked together, topped with Jimmy Dean natural breakfast sausage, 1/2 a small avocado and a teaspoon of primal mayo.
Lunch: ribeye with a tablespoon of pesto, roasted asparagus and a salad with evoo and lemon dressing.
Snack: frozen strawberries pureed with stevia
Supper: beef, green onion, and bean sprout stir fry

I did try a paleo bread recipe yesterday. I don’t think I’ll be making it again. It wasn’t bad, just really high in calories and I think it caused the headache I woke up with this morning. The basis was tapioca starch, and I don’t usually use that, so possibly.
I’ll stick with my coconut flour, arrowroot, egg muffins for now.

OMG not another newbie diet blogger!

Yeah, that would be me.

Diets suck, in general. No matter how amazing they are starting off, eventually we fall off (aka: dive off into a vat of pudding!)and get disgruntled, angry, depressed, well fill in your own words.

So why the blog? Because I am so there, now, with the frustration.

Fact is, I lost weight, quite a bit, on low carb a decade ago and it crept back. I say crept, but you know how that it. One day you’re fine, the next it’s like “what the hell scale??? You and pants are in on this together!”.

So back to low carb, but that didn’t work.

Hmmm.. hey this new intermittent fasting looks cool, let’s try that.

And it worked, really great, I got close to my goal weight. Then I messed up, again.

Back to square one.

I’m older now, and I find certain foods just are not working.

Apparently the diet world agrees with me. Bye-bye msg, gluten(well let’s say 90% of the time), soy, overly processed crap. Cya. Be gone. Get behind me.

I’ll say it, I’ve gone native. Ok ok. Primal.

I’ve been gluten free and mostly chemical (nitrates, preservatives, etc, etc) for 2 1/2 weeks now and I feel pretty darned good.

*Mostly. Except for the nyquill, advil, allegra, and allergy spray that are keeping me functioning this spring so far.

No weight loss, but I don’t expect that with the medications.

So anyway, that’s my rant and “hey look at me” post.

If I’m the only one who sees this, cool. If you happen by, drop me a (kind) word lol.