OMG not another newbie diet blogger!

Yeah, that would be me.

Diets suck, in general. No matter how amazing they are starting off, eventually we fall off (aka: dive off into a vat of pudding!)and get disgruntled, angry, depressed, well fill in your own words.

So why the blog? Because I am so there, now, with the frustration.

Fact is, I lost weight, quite a bit, on low carb a decade ago and it crept back. I say crept, but you know how that it. One day you’re fine, the next it’s like “what the hell scale??? You and pants are in on this together!”.

So back to low carb, but that didn’t work.

Hmmm.. hey this new intermittent fasting looks cool, let’s try that.

And it worked, really great, I got close to my goal weight. Then I messed up, again.

Back to square one.

I’m older now, and I find certain foods just are not working.

Apparently the diet world agrees with me. Bye-bye msg, gluten(well let’s say 90% of the time), soy, overly processed crap. Cya. Be gone. Get behind me.

I’ll say it, I’ve gone native. Ok ok. Primal.

I’ve been gluten free and mostly chemical (nitrates, preservatives, etc, etc) for 2 1/2 weeks now and I feel pretty darned good.

*Mostly. Except for the nyquill, advil, allegra, and allergy spray that are keeping me functioning this spring so far.

No weight loss, but I don’t expect that with the medications.

So anyway, that’s my rant and “hey look at me” post.

If I’m the only one who sees this, cool. If you happen by, drop me a (kind) word lol.


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