Diet Forums

We love them, right?
The endless war of words.
The conflicting information.
The “my facts are bigger than your facts” (aka: the “my copy and paste skills are better than yours. I don’t know what I just posted, but I win!”)
The “studies” today are different than yesterday, are different than tomorrow, are back to what they were yesterday….
The trolls.

Sometimes it’s hard to navigate.
You get so overloaded with information and misinformation, the in-fighting, the “queen bee syndrome”, it’s hard to sort through any of it and get the answers you’re seeking.

Ask a question and you can get an answer, be called an idiot, told your question makes no sense, be told you’re on the wrong board, or just be ignored.
Hopefully more of the first than the rest.

So how do you get a response on a busy forum?
1. Make sure you’re on the correct board on the site. If you’re asking a question about paleo, don’t ask on the Carbohydrates Addicts board.
2. Be concise. People need information. The simplest things would be: when you started; how much you need to lose; if you take any medications/have medical conditions; what diet you are on; what you eat in a typical day (and list amounts); anything you feel is pertinent.
3. Make a subject line/title that has your question, not “I have a question”, but “I have a question about primal diets and dairy”.
4. Spell check! I know, but some people love to make a HUGE point that you didn’t spell your plan name correctly, so how could you possibly know anything? (It’s Atkins, not Adkins, BTW).
5. Don’t post and run. Read the responses and thank others for taking the time to respond. If you post once, then not again for a month asking for more help, you’re likely to get ignored or told it was rude not to respond.
6. The Golden Rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. No, it doesn’t always work. Some people are just naturally snarky and rude, but a lot of the time, your kind words can make the difference for someone else struggling.

Anyway the food!
Breakfast: coffee, egg and spinach cooked together, topped with Jimmy Dean natural breakfast sausage, 1/2 a small avocado and a teaspoon of primal mayo.
Lunch: ribeye with a tablespoon of pesto, roasted asparagus and a salad with evoo and lemon dressing.
Snack: frozen strawberries pureed with stevia
Supper: beef, green onion, and bean sprout stir fry

I did try a paleo bread recipe yesterday. I don’t think I’ll be making it again. It wasn’t bad, just really high in calories and I think it caused the headache I woke up with this morning. The basis was tapioca starch, and I don’t usually use that, so possibly.
I’ll stick with my coconut flour, arrowroot, egg muffins for now.


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