Working on my own (many!) personality quirks.

I’m diet tracking obsessed.
Maybe not:
But close.
I try not to be, but I am. Is admitting it the first step to recovery?
If I ate it, or plan on eating it, I’m tracking it.
I check restaurant menus online before we leave to find something that will work with my plan.
I bar code scan things at the grocery store.
I’m the lady who’s standing there reading the label. I used to HATE her! Now I AM her.

Is this all bad?
Maybe. Sometimes.
Supposedly, you’re not supposed to worry about carbs, cals, fat, etc on Primal/Paleo plans, but if you’re trying to lose weight, they definitely play into the grand scheme of things.
The other thing is: I love to cook.
And, because of that, I track recipes to get an idea of the carbs, cals, fats, etc in each recipe to make sure I’m not making a 2000 calorie “snack” food.

So I’m going to try going a full week without tracking my foods.
If I make new recipes, yes, I’ll input that, but meals and daily, I’m going to try and not do it.

Wish me luck!

April 26 National Pretzel Day !!!


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