Primal or Paleo? Which to choose?

I consider myself more or less Primal because I do include dairy.
I do lean towards paleo most of the time, but I don’t eliminate dairy completely.
For me, that’s the primary difference.
Paleo also tends to shy away from saturated fats more than Primal.
I don’t avoid sat fats, but I don’t intentionally increase it, either.
That’s personal preference more than “diet dogma”.
Example: I don’t care for 73/27 or 80/20 ground beef, I like 85/15 or leaner.
I add fats via avocado, olives, olive/avocado/macadamia/grapeseed/coconut oils.
Not because they’re necessarily more healthy, just because my taste buds like them better.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the little fatty tail end of the ribeye if it’s grilled right!
But I really don’t want my burger patty swimming in a puddle of oil worthy of the Exxon Valdez.
I know there are more differences, but Keep It Simple Silly just seems to make any plan more do-able.

This is a short entry. I misplaced my marbles early 😉

I think I’ll fast today so: water, coffee, tea, broth (probably chicken since that’s what I have frozen).

My current favorite paleo and primal sites:


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