Eating Seasonally, Like Our Ancestors?

Primal, and moreso Paleo, wants us to “eat like our ancestors”.
Good idea.
Of course all of their food was antibiotic, hormone and pesticide free and grass fed!
Sounds great, well except that getting your food was more dangerous than going to WalMart on a Saturday.

Our ancestors didn’t have the luxury of foods shipped in from all over the world, all year around.
There was no store-to-cave delivery, no to order special items.
If they were hungry, they hunted and gathered.

So, what’s seasonal in your area?
I found this nifty site that will help you determine just that:

Peaches, April through August; watermelon, May through November here.
Color me a happy primal gal.

Yesterdays fast went relatively well. I caved (lol see what I did there?) and had 2 eggs scrambled with some diced peppers, onions and tomatoes late in the day. I guess I fasted for 24 hours since it was about the same time I had supper the day before.

On the menu today:
Breakfast was coffee followed by homemade chicken broth
Lunch will be paleo taco salad (no cheese or sour cream, just seasoned beef, lettuce, tomato, onion and avocado)
For supper I have a rack of pork ribs and I think I’ll just do a spice rub and bake them and make some simple coleslaw as a side(shredded cabbage, homemade mayo, vinegar, salt and pepper).


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