Everything Old Is New Again

Then: diner1

Now: diner2
My grandmother and step-grandfather raised my brother and me when my mother remarried and moved “up the coast”. It was our choice to stay with our grands and finish school.

I remember my mother and grandmother always being on a diet. I don’t remember them not being on one.
Now we’re talking about the late 1970s and early ’80s.

Does anyone remember Aydes diet candies? What an unfortunate name, as it turns out.
I have no idea if they worked, but they were pretty tasty and I think my brother and I ate more of them than my mother was able to take as directed lol.

We would go to diners on Saturday, usually before the weekly shopping, and my grandmother always ordered a “diet plate” that usually was a lean protein (burger patty or tuna or tuna salad with diet mayo), a vegetable (green beans or lettuce or asparagus), and cottage cheese adorned with a canned peach half or pineapple ring. Tab was the only diet soda for the time, but unsweetened iced tea was always available along with cofffee.

Funny but that’s very close to the current edition of a diet lunch.
Looking over my own menus, I usually have a lean(ish) protein, salad or veggie, then a fruit as a snack with or after lunch.
Sure I add more “good” fats, but otherwise they would be a pretty classic example of diet foods.
We’re constantly bombarded with “new” diets. But are they, really? Or are they just nicely disguised re-hashing of time honored ones?


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