Fresh → Frozen → Canned, in that order, but not always?

We all know “fresh is best”, right? We hear it all the time.
But sometimes “fresh” looks pretty bad. Or the price is outrageous.

I know I’ve wasted a lot of money buying fresh produce that I end up throwing away because it went bad on the trip home. Maybe not that fast, but close.

If you have a farmers market or produce stand, you’re probably ok.
But grocery stores. Good grief! They (can) truck them in over several days in a hot truck, then store them in a hot warehouse, then shock them by bringing them into a cold store, then they spray them with water every half hour.
By the time you checkout and get them home, they’ve already started to go bad.
Sure you can prep them: clean, rinse off, store correctly, but the damage is done over the days of mishandling.
If you’re lucky they will keep for 3-4 days before they’re unusable from rot.

Canned is pretty much a given last place. Many brands are coming around and using sea salt, but they’re still loaded with sodium compared to frozen or fresh.
Yes, you can get the canned with “no salt added” but let’s be honest, they don’t taste right. It’s not just “something’s missing”, it’s that the tinny taste from the can is very strong in the un-salted ones.
Not to mention you, the consumer, have little control over how to cook it since it’s already cooked.

Frozen: ah yes! The meek middle-man that can be the best choice.
Quickly cleaned, processed and flash frozen, just the vegetable or fruit, nothing else added. Shipped frozen right to the freezer aisle, no mishandling!
Most times you can catch a good sale price on frozen as well, making them more budget friendly than fresh.

If that’s not enough to sell you on frozen, check this article out:
It seems frozen produce retains it’s nutrient value longer than fresh.


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