Hurdle One Passed!

A whole entry not about food or diet 🙂

My darling son is officially a degreed college graduate!
He’s home, and being his typical moody “I don’t want to be a grown-up” attitude lol.
He’s brilliant, handsome, funny and a real brat 🙂
But he’s terribly shy and that will be the biggest obstacle he will have to overcome in the “real world”.
He’s never not been a student, so this will be a huge change for him.
We have a wonderful community college locally, so he may opt to get an associates degree as well, but that will be on his own finances. We paid for 6 years of college already!. (He changed majors 3rd semester).
So now he officially has a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics.
What he does with it is still a topic of debate.
Actuary? Possibly.
Accounting? He’s good with details, so it’s a definite possibility.
Teaching? Nah, I don’t think he has the patience. But, he has surprised us before.

Once he understands the whole world is open to him, we’ll see where his path leads, but he always knows he has a “home” here and we will love and be proud of him no matter what 🙂


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