Focus on the Positive Today

We all have things that go south in the blink of an eye in our lives.
Maybe it’s illness, finances, family, friends, or just a general case of “oh this sucks”.
We deal with it and we move on.

Most of the time.

But, what happens when we focus too much on the negative, and forget the positives?
I notice the hubbs does this from time to time and I give him the reality smack upside the head.
Example: our son aced a final exam. His score on the exam put him in the top 5% in the nation. Instead of really being happy, hubbs comments to son “well if you’d done better on your homework assignments, your grade would have been better”.
Or, I make a new dish and he says “It’s good but I had to add pepper”… well excuuuuuse me for not crawling on your taste buds to figure out exactly how much pepper was “perfect”.
Seriously wanted to smack him both times.

Now, before anyone asks: no, he does not suffer from depression. He’s just a jerk sometimes. I don’t think he realizes he does it, but his response is to deny he’s doing it when I bring it up. (I’m no peach either lol 😉 ).

So your mission today: Find something positive and focus on it!

Clear the negativity for one day and remember there is good stuff going on all the time, you may just have to look harder to find it than the bad 🙂


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