Texas in the Spring

I love Texas.

I’ve visited a few other states, but I was born and raised here and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
I live near the Gulf Coast, and it’s beautiful.
Right now, everything is in bloom (achoo!) and growing lushly.
We had some rain Tuesday so the next few days everything will be springing up like mad!

While the rest of the world has four seasons, we have two: Summer and Not Summer. That’s it.
Either it’s sweltering, oppressively hot and humid, or less sweltering and humid.

Gardening and lawn care are year-round. Everything grows all the time.
We did have a break this year with the never-ending-winter.
We actually had some freezing temps for days in a row!

I’ve never really understood the exception to Texas being “the South” when people talk about “THE South”. I mean, really, we’re pretty much as far South as you can get and still be in the Continental USA.

Hubbs has the traditional Texas accent. The slow drawl that makes people think he’s a bit dim.
He’s very intelligent and it’s funny to watch that dawn on people when they first meet him and think “not too bright” because of the drawl.
He does tend to use that when he really doesn’t want to talk to someone though lol.
But yes, bring up football and the light really comes on.

Son and I have neutral accents, even though we were both born and raised here.
Our friends from Canada and Australia can hear it, but our USA friends have a hard time pinning it down to location.

In spite of the allergies, mosquitoes, occasional hurricanes and oppressive summer heat, I love Texas!

If you don’t read Chris Kresser site, it’s really good.
He has a “every mans” terminology explaining things, so you don’t have to pull out the latest medical dictionary to understand what he’s talking about.

This recent article: Red Meat: It Does a Body Good! Is a good read.


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