Pets and Memories

A non-dieting post about pets and how they bring so much to our lives 🙂

I blogged the other day that our beloved 4-legged family member had passed away on May 16th.
This started me thinking about the pets we’ve had since I was a child, and I wanted to share some of my memories.

The first one I remember was Tex, a chihuahua. That was the meanest dog on the planet.
I remember when anyone would sit or lay down, and Tex decided you were his seat, if you moved a muscle he would bite the crap out of you.
Mean dog.
He died of old age when I was 6 or 7 years old, and we buried him and planted a tree. The tree grew and was beautiful, no matter the weather.

We also had Bull. Bull was a gentle, loving dog. Mutt, I’m sure, but he looked like a smaller version of Lassie.
We lived out in the country and it was the time in the Rio Grande Valley that the “big bird” cattle mutilations were happening, late 70, early 80s.
Bull disappeared one day and never returned. I think I was around 12 years old. Of course someone may have picked him up, he was sweet and handsome.
I’d like to think someone took him and he lived a happy life.

My mom and step-dad had a dog named Sugar. She was part Cogri and all kinds of spoiled mischief lol.
They picked her up from a friend when they moved to the Houston area and she was their “baby” until she passed from cancer about 22 years ago.

Forwarding to my grown up years, hubbs and I bought a Basset Hound from a pet store (I know, but 26 years ago that’s where you got dogs).
was born on Pearl Harbor day in 1988. We should have taken that as a sign lol.
We adopted him in March 1989.
Lol he was a mess. Pure breed, tri-colored basket case of emotional issues.
Sweet boy. Smart. Had severe separation anxiety. I would go to the mailbox and back, 5 minutes tops, and he would have totally destroyed at least 1 room in the apartment. Going to the store for an hour meant 2 days of cleaning up.
We didn’t kennel or crate back then. I tried putting him in the bathroom and he ate the toilet paper, ripped the shower curtain to shreds, pulled down the rod and chewed the ends off of it.
Got a baby gate and decided to put him in the kitchen. Well, no. That didn’t work. He ate the gate. lol.
The vet put him on a dog version of xanax lol.

When hubbs and I decided to start a family, Beau was not happy with his changing role.
After much discussion, and with Beaus future in mind, we decided to give him to a friend of hubbs.
After 3 months, we drove by to check on him and see how he had adjusted and were sickened to find him on a run to a tree, chain tangled around the tree, no water and in 100+ heat.
Hubbs jumped the fence and we took him home. He forgave us, but he was looking at son in a way that made me very nervous. He was also snarling and growling now, something he’d never done.
We called the vet and asked what we could do. Putting him down was not an option. One of the vet techs said she would love to have him, and that she would take excellent care of him.
We agreed and she had us over a few times so we could see he was indeed being loved and cared for. She moved away about a year later and, as far as we know, Beau lived out his life in the way he deserved 🙂

It was 10 years before we would decide we wanted another dog and she picked us at the SPCA in 1990.
My Shasta. We always thought she was a German Short Haired Pointer mix, but now we think she was a Catahoula.
It doesn’t matter, she was one of a kind, sweet, loving, smart, loyal, playful, and very much a part of the family for almost 14 years.
Our hearts are sad at her passing, it truly is like losing a family member.
I know she’s in doggy heaven, “smelling the sunshine”. I love that phrase because she would stand out in the back yard, face turned to the sun, eyes closed just “smelling the sunshine” 🙂

So that’s my ramble today about pets and my own walk down memory lane.
All I can add is: love your pets. That means as much to them as it does to you 🙂


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