I Could be a Vegetarian….

If I didn’t like meat so much 🙂
First off: no insult to vegetarians meant. I respect everyone’s dietary choices.

I love meat, but, like many, I wanted to “eat healthier” so I would make meatless dishes for the family a couple of times a week.
It was easy then (before Paleo/Primal/Low-carb/etc).
Rice, beans, potatoes, pasta and other starches and grains were “healthy”.
The lower the fat, the better!
And, let’s face it, they taste really good, too 🙂

But, as more recent studies show, those kinds of carbs really aren’t the most healthy.
Don’t get me wrong, anyone can abuse any type of eating plan.
It’s just as bad to eat 2 pounds of bacon a day as it is to eat 2 pounds of pasta.
I’m sure protagonists on both sides of that debate would argue lol.

I find, with summer quickly approaching, I am wanting more light meals.
I love a good salad, but the hubbs and son would prefer a pasta salad, something more substantial.

It can be tough going to mesh the dietary habits in the family dynamic, and I’m constantly on the prowl for recipes and meal plans that can keep us all happy AND healthy.

This is quickly becoming my favorite breakfast, or occasionally supper:
Primal Mug Muffin and Egg with Cheese
2 large eggs
2T water
1T butter, divided
1T almond meal
1T coconut flour
1T flax meal
Pinch of salt
2T shredded cheese of choice
Salt and pepper to taste for egg
Break 1 egg into a microwave safe glass mug.
Beat then add water, pinch of salt and 1tsp butter (melted). Mix well then add the almond meal, coconut flour and flax; beat with a fork and microwave for 2 to 2 ½ minutes until the center is cooked (the muffin will shrink away from the sides a little when it’s cooked).
Sprinkle cheese on top to melt and top with the other egg (that you cooked to your liking in the remaining 2tsp butter while the muffin was cooking).
I like mine over easy so that you get a spoon with egg, yolk, cheese and muffin every bite 🙂


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