Sleep Deprivation Experiment: Day 11

We got a new puppy!
Adorable black lab mix from the SPCA.
He’s a baby, barely 8 weeks old.
We’ve had him 11 days.
I think I’ve slept about 20 hours, total.
We recently lost our buddy, companion, pup, gal of almost 14 years. I certainly didn’t expect to get another one so soon. It took 10 years for me to want another dog between the first one we had as a couple, and the last one, but something about this little guys eyes just took me in.
I have to praise son. He’s the “night sitter” for letting the puppy out before he goes to bed around midnight.
I take the rest of the shifts lol.
So far the schedule is that I take him outside at first bark, then if it’s close to 4am, I bring him back to bed with me and hubbs.
That’s working well so far. The little guy settles in quickly and goes back to sleep after the traditional puppy breath to the face greeting.
He snores. Quite loudly and spiritedly, when he’s sleeping on his back lol.
He had a mild case of kennel cough when we got him, which is clearing up nicely.
His first vet visit was all A+++, all clear, healthy.
He’s adjusting nicely. We’re having some minor housebreaking issues, but he’s “getting it” it seems.
He plays all out, hard, and I wish I could harness that energy – we’d never have another electric bill lol.

If you’re looking for a new companion animal, please, please, please check your local SPCA before buying from a breeder. The number of sweet, loving pets looking for homes is staggering.

Some diet news:
Breakfast is: scrambled eggs with mushrooms, green onions and spinach cooked in a little ghee.
Lunch: not sure yet, maybe simple like ground beef, avocado and salsa over lettuce
Supper: son wants smothered chicken breasts, so we’ll do the breasts, pepper jack cheese, mushrooms and green peppers with a side of green beans and maybe a salad.
And sleep. Much needed sleep.


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