Meal Planning is Chaos lol

Son is home and has not been putting much effort into finding a job.
Hubbs and I gave him a month to “unwind” after college. Tick. Tock.

Hubbs is easy to cook for. He doesn’t care what “diet” I’m on, he eats what I make.
Son learned, at college, to eat fast foods.

We try to have a meal out, together as a family, on the weekends, and not usually “fast food”.
Although, if you’ve ever eaten at what-a-burger, you know their burger patty over a side salad makes a good primal and low-carb meal. (no skimpy 2.5oz patty here, these are full 4-5oz babies!).

So, I have realized, I need to plan the weekly meals ahead of time, not just shop and pick up whatever catches my eye.
Son goes with me most of the time, and he could plan a whole weeks food from hot pockets and ramen lol.
He’s always loved my cooking, and he has some good ideas himself. The smothered chicken I made last week was his contribution, and it was really good.

But his idea of an after shopping meal is a burger or sub or fried chicken.

Hubbs would be just as happy with a pot of chili or hamburger helper as he is with a steak and broccoli.

Sales ads come out on Wednesdays, but I usually shop on Monday, so my weeks are usually off by one.
I’ll go shopping a second time if I see something on sale that really interests me, but otherwise I try to keep it once a week or else I spend way, way too much and end up wasting produce or other things.

So I ask hubbs and son on Sunday: “What would you like this week?” and the answer is usually “I don’t care”. /scowl lol
I do my shopping and the next day one of them will say “can you make xxx tomorrow for supper?” and I tell them to put it on my list for NEXT week!

A definite work in progress, but we’re all getting better about it 🙂


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