Help: I’ve Fallen (off the wagon) and I Can’t Get Up!

We’ve all been there: chugging along like a champ on our various diets, whether for health or weight loss, or both then KAPOW!
You get derailed.

It doesn’t matter what the reason is.
You take that one bite then plunge off the bridge into the dreaded “what the heck I’ll start over tomorrow” zone that can lead to days, or even weeks, of false-re-starts.
I had one Friday.
A new BBQ place opened up last month and we tried it a few days later. It was awful.
If you know Texas, you know we take our BBQ seriously!
We thought we’d give them a few weeks to get their feet under them then try again. Which we did, on Friday.
A smoked brisket sandwich with loads of BBQ sauce, cole slaw and a side of potato chips later, I was miserable.
I thought.
Until the next morning: major headache, stuffy nose, all over achiness.
I don’t know which of the components of that caused it, or if it was a combo of the wheat bun, sugar in the sauce and slaw or maybe added MSG, but I was miserable all day! I slept probably 18 hours Saturday.
When I was awake, I finally had an appetite around 8pm and the Hubbs made me a grilled cheese sandwich and chicken soup. Yeah the canned stuff.
So day 2 of “what the heck I’ll start tomorrow” starts Sunday! Lol.

It can be hard. Cheating or backsliding or whatever you want to call it can strike at any time, it’s very opportunistic.
Think about the “dealer” on the dark street corner: “Hey kid, you really want a twinkie. Just a bite. You can stop any time.”

It’s not all about will power, or “I really shouldn’t eat that”.
Sometimes it just is what it is: a serious case of “I really want to taste that”.
For me personally, I do much better physically and emotionally if I have that one taste then get right back on plan.
Some people can’t. That one taste can trigger a binge reaction that takes a long time to recover from.

Know your limits and remember: you’re not perfect, so punishing yourself can really make you feel even worse, which can start the cycle of (ch)eating all over again.


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