Family, Finances and “Keeping Up With The Joneses”

My brother is a trip sometimes.
He’s always been a “more, more, more” type. BIG house, pedigree pets, new cars, always eating out(loads of fast foods), etc. And always in debt up to their eyeballs trying to “keep up with the Joneses”. If a friend gets a new car, my brother HAS to have one.

Me? meh. I can make due. We have a small but nice home. We drive cars until it costs more to maintain them than to get another. We adopt from the SPCA, I cook most meals, though we do eat out on the weekends most times and not fast foods.
So when finances came up over the holiday, I finally revealed to my brother what our income is.
His jaw hung to his knees when he realized we make as much as they do lol.
Him: “So why don’t you have newer cars? A bigger house? More expensive clothes?”
Me: “Why? We have everything we need and most things we want. Our house will be paid off next year. We have 1 car loan that will be paid off next year, too. We have a few credit cards, but after the house and car, we’ll pay them off as well.”

It’s funny because I think he assumed we were “poor” by HIS standards.

I choose where to spend money. It’s usually good shoes (not designer stuff, but since hubbs spends a lot of time in work boots, we get GOOD work boots. I have wide feet, so I get good sneakers and shoes that fit me, son inherited my wide feet, too lol.
I love cooking, so I do buy kitchen gadgets and invest in spices, blends, and things like that.
Hubbs buys lawn stuff – and good scotch lol.

This competition spreads to other things.
If I get our mother or grandmother flowers/gifts/clothes/whatever, he has to get them bigger and better ones.
If we take mom or grandma to dinner, he has to take them to a more expensive place.

It’s funny, but sad, too.
I’d hate to be in competition all the time.

That’s just a ramble for today, no intrinsic reader value at all, unless you can relate 😉


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