The Bounty of the Farmers Market… Gnats?

Annoying little things.
Very hard to get rid of when you have fresh, unrefrigerated produce around the house (or indoor house plants), especially in the Summer.

My mother had the worst problem with them, living in a retirement community apartment.

I ran across this non-toxic remedy and we gave it a try and… it worked like a miracle!

Easy non-toxic Gnat “trap”
You’ll need:

A shallow disk of some sort (plastic lid with a lip, jar lid, etc)
Apple Cider Vinegar (any kind)
Dawn dish soap (any kind, but I’ve noticed the Dawn brand works better)

Place the shallow disk wherever you notice gnats.
Fill about half way with the vinegar, then add 2-3 drops (no more) of dish soap to it.
Leave it out and you’ll start to notice the gnats gravitate to it and die.
Clean it out as often as needed.

In my mothers case, she had one on the back of the kitchen sink, one on the bath tub rail and one on the bathroom sink, they seemed to be coming in through the pipes.
I have 2 in my kitchen: one by the back door and one on the window sill above the sink.

Try it! It really does work 🙂


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