Birthday Anxiety Anyone?

I know this is selfish and dumb, but I get birthday anxiety.
Not about my age, but about the fact that hubbs is the worlds worst gifter!
Not just birthdays. Anniversaries, Christmas, every “gifting” holiday.
I know, I know. I AM thankful I have him.
Did I mention we’ve been married 27 years? And yes, I know: he’s not going to change now. I am ever hopeful!
I put so much thought and effort into gifts for him and for our son, and to get flowers (that he picked up on the way home from work) or an excuse “gee honey, sorry but I had to work the weekend and didn’t have time to shop” really, really, REALLY annoys the living crap out of me.
I mean, did it sneak up on you? ‘Cause, I never have a birthday, Christmas, Anniversary EVERY YEAR ON THE SAME DAY. It just *poof* happened?
One of the really bad things it that son is pretty much the same way. Of course he learned from hubbs. That’s going to really stink for his future girlfriends and wives. Maybe they won’t be so forgiving of the lack of thought behind a gift.
Anyway, rant over.

BTW: I’ll be doing birthdays and Christmas this year the same way.
No more hunting the internet for the perfect gift. No more shopping for hours.
I’ll go to Home Depot and get him a screwdriver or something.


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