Buzzword Dieting

Paleo, Primal, Atkins, NK, Weight Watchers, Southbeach, Stillmans, Protein Powder, Carbohydrate Addicts Diet, Metabolism Miracle, 5 Hour Diet, Intermittent Fasting, Johnson Up Day Down Day Diet, or Eat Fat Get Thin.
Chances are you’ve heard of at least one of these diet plans.
At one time or another, they were the Buzz Word Diet of the Day, or decade, or “diet to end all diets”, or “you’ll never have to diet again” diets.
They get a lot of hoopla and media attention – good and bad.
A lot of people try them. And a LOT of those people jump in with no idea what the actual plan is, just the synopsis offered on the cover of a magazine you pick up and page through at the checkout line, or a short news video, or “hey that looks interesting, I’ll google a few blogs”.
Ok, that last one usually will get you a lot of detailed info BUT nothing is better than the horses mouth: the actual book (or ebook) that the diet plan is laid out in.

With the invent of the ereader, you can have the actual reading materials in your hot little hands in a matter of moments.
Many are free, some (shockingly) cost more than the printed versions. Many are available for free from your local libraries (remember those?) in ereader and printed formats.

This entry is about a simple truth: Don’t depend on others to do your homework!
A “new and popular” diet may sound great, but it may not be for you. Too restrictive; not restrictive enough; foods are expensive and hard to find; foods are ones you simply don’t like; the plan for some reason just isn’t a good fit for you.
Do your homework and start off on the right foot 🙂

A little note: If you are an amazon prime member, make sure you check out their kindle freebies daily. Many diet and recipe books are free for a day or two to download to your kindle.
No kindle? Free app for your phone or tablet, or free program for your computer right on the amazon site, as well as the google play store, among other app sites.


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