Primal Vinegar Mustard BBQ Sauce or “sop”

Mustard BBQ sauce is pretty indigenous to the South, especially South Carolina and that region.
We make some pretty wicked variations here in Texas though 🙂
Here’s my take on it, partially borrowed from the most wonderful step-dad ever(mine!) and partially from the classic SC sauces.

Primal Vinegar Mustard BBQ Sauce or “sop”
1 large onion diced small or sliced paper thin, your choice
1-2 cloves of garlic, peeled and sliced paper thin
1/2tsp or more crushed pepper flakes(optional but adds nice heat)
4T good salted butter (I use kerrygold or anchor usually, but Challenge isn’t bad either)
1-2 cups plain white apple cider vinegar***
3/4 cup prepared yellow mustard
3T molasses, maple syrup or honey, your choice
3T gluten free Worstershire sauce (I know I spelled that wrong)
2T coconut aminos or gluten free Tamari soy sauce
copious amounts of fresh cracked black pepper (ok to taste lol)
1/2tsp sea salt

Melt the butter in a deep pan and saute the onion. garlic, and pepper flakes(if using) until the onion is soft and it smells great – you can go so far as to caramelize the onion if you like.
Once that’s done, add everything else and simmer over very low heat for 15-20 minutes.
That’s it!
Cool and refrigerate until you need it. Stores well refrigerated fpr up to 3 weeks (mine’s never lasted longer than that without running out, so that’s all I’ll vouch for lol.
Note: It’s important to use the Wostershire and Tamari/coconut aminos to help soften the vinegary taste of the mustard and vinegar combo and give it a more complex flavor. Don’t skip the stuff 🙂

*** I show 1-2 cups vinegar. If you’re using it as a BBQ sauce, 1 cup. If you’re using it to sop your bbq as it cooks, use 2 cups to increase the volume for sopping.

BTW yes, Hubbs totally screwed up my birthday. No shocker there.


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