Is Dieting an Eating Disorder?

eat·ing dis·or·der
noun: eating disorder; plural noun: eating disorders
any of a range of psychological disorders characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habits (such as anorexia nervosa).

If you ask a life-time dieter that question, they’ll probably laugh and say “no, that’s silly”.
But, is it?

If you’re like me, your diet becomes almost an obsession.
Planning meals, tracking your food, getting angry and abusive towards yourself if you slip up, treating your diet like a 12-step program.
Sound familiar?

Let’s be honest: our weight and our diets are a love-hate relationship.
We get excited when we start a new plan and especially when we feel great and the pounds fly off!
Then the honeymoon phase is over.
We stall, or “hit the wall”, and our mood turns to depression, self questioning, even anger at ourselves for failing.

So how do we break the cycle?
It’s different for everyone, but these may help:
1. If you go off plan, don’t hate yourself. Stress/cortisol = bad mojo for your metabolism. Own it and move on.
2. Don’t believe every miracle weight loss story you hear!
How many weight loss forums have the “miracle” people who lost 100 pounds in 6 months? No, really?
While it can happen, and probably does, a lot of times it’s attention seekers using that line to get attention. It’s the internet, anonymity reigns supreme. Scams happen even on the best of forums because WE WANT TO BELIEVE!
Maybe “kim” lost 200 pounds in 10 months. She sells her plan on the forum, gets a fan base, starts her own site, then you find out “kim” is just another fraud. It happens. It HAS happened ( ).
While not everyone who makes these false claims may be in it to rip you off, some are. And some just crave the positive attention and don’t know how to legitimately get it.
3. Believe in yourself. I know, that sounds like some pseudo-cliche, but it’s true. Talk positively to yourself, stop being a Negative Nelly when it comes to you.
4. While success is a fantastic motivator, failure builds character and learning to soldier on in the face of adversity.
So maybe I wasn’t meant to be a size 2 (I’ve NEVER been a size 2 lol), setting an impossible goal then failing to attain it takes a toll on the psychie.
Set realistic mini goals, and not scale based ones. Decide to stick to your plan for 24 hours. Success makes the next 24 goal easier.

I know this is a lot of rambling and really just based on my own self experiences, but I hope it may help someone to see themselves in a different, and more positive light 🙂


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