Are You Cheesy?

Are you too cheesy?


All 3 of these piles of sharp cheddar are 1oz by weight.
When you use cheese, use it sparingly. It’s calorie dense and can tank your diet quickly at approximately 100 calories per ounce.
But, other than part-skim mozzarella, use full fat cheeses to get their health benefits.

Use finely shredded for topping vegetables and where you want smooth melting and lots of coverage.
I prefer the larger shred for burgers and meats to give it a thicker coating.
Cubes are great for snacking, though I usually cut each ounce into 8 pieces, not 4 (I was lazy this morning).

Small town, not a lot of variety, so I do order cheeses online when I really want something different.
I’ve had some bad shippers: package send UPS slow boat with 1 ice pack that probably melted before it left the shipper.

However, I’ve successfully ordered from Amazon using Parthenon Foods(cheeeses and sausages) :
and Igourmet:

Both of these sellers had exceptionally packaging, loads of ice packs and fast shipping (also reusable ice packs and ice coolers!). Yes, the shipping is high, so it does pay to order a few things rather than one.

For a cheesy and crunchy snack, I like these 2 from
Just the Cheese Popped Cheese
Just the Cheese Crunchy Baked Cheese
(I get the White Cheddar because some of the other flavors have MSG)

A note about packaged shredded cheeses: read the ingredients lists. Most add some sort of anti-clumping agent, which may not be what you want to consume.
Instead, shred your own and add 1/2tsp arrowroot (or whatever starch is acceptable to you) per 2 cups shredded cheese, put in a gallon size zipper baggie and toss around to coat.


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