Paleo and Primal: Searching for the “Sweet Spot”

When you’re trying to eat as naturally as possible, having a sweet tooth can be a dilemma.

I decided to bite the bullet and try Nikki’s Coconut Butter (amazon: and was, again, sadly disappointed.
I tried 2 very different flavors to get a feel for the product.
Vanilla Cake Batter: What vanilla? I LOVE vanilla! This tasted, to me, like lightly sweetened coconut butter and nothing more. DOn’t get me wrong, I do like coconut butter. But there’s not discernible “vanilla” or “cake batter” flavor.
Honey Pecan Pie: Slightly better flavor, a deeper flavor but, being a Southern gal, this does not taste, in any way, like pecan pie. Mild honey undertone. Not really any pecan flavor, but there’s something nutty (above the coconutty lol) taste so it’s passable.

Neither of these would sate a sweet tooth, and at 100 calories + per tablespoon, and $15 per jar, it’s not really a great snacking item either.
Because of the cost, I wouldn’t be tempted to use it in a “fat bomb” or other recipe either.
I am going to try to mix the cake batter with a little vanilla stevia or vanilla essence and sweetener and see if I can get a flavor profile that’s actually cake-battery.

My score: a C+ , and that’s just because the ingredients are fairly straight forward, and the flavor – not as described – is tolerably coconutty.


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