Low Carb and the Veggie Dilemma

I love vegetables. I really do.
But trying to indulge that with low-carb can be a frustrating trial, especially when eating out.
I discovered something that works, for me, regardless of where I’m eating: protein first.

Simple enough: eat your entree protein first, then have your salad and/or veggies as a “dessert” of sorts.
Because protein is filling, you may find you are still eating your veggies, but it takes less to fill that void.

We go out to Texas Roadhouse often. I order my house salad(no croutons or egg -I don’t know what they do to their hard boiled egg but they’re gross), steak or whatever and a side of their green beans.
If you’ve ever eaten there, their side veggies are small!
Anyway, I would normally eat the salad while waiting for the entree, then eat the green beans and then the steak. Sometimes I’d get a double of green beans (same at Chili’s, I get double broccoli lol).
But, as luck would have it, our server was awful lol -and she forgot to bring the salads, so we got them with the entrees.
Green beans were cold, so I sent them back, while waiting I ate the steak first.
It was like a light-bulb moment.
I did eat the green beans, and only about 1/2 the salad because: I was full!
So I decided to try this at home and it worked.
Also, I noticed I am eating less protein, which cuts calories a little as well.
Now was this some magical moment, or is it wishful thinking?
I don’t know, but I’m going with it!


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