My Guilty Pleasure: Frosted Diet Sodas

Ok ok – not Primal but low-carb and refreshing and better than a sugary drink!

You need a good blender like a Ninja or Vita Mix.
20oz diet soda (root beer, orange or coke my favorites)
1tsp vanilla extract (or orange, lemon or even cherry)
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
3T heavy cream
2 cups small ice cubes
1/2tsp glucomannan powder (optional but really makes it thicker)
additional sweetener if desired

In the blender mix the liquid ingredients for a second, then add the ice. Blend until well mixed then sprinkle on the glucomannan and quickly resume blending for 10 seconds.
Pour into 3 or 4 glasses and enjoy your very low calorie and carb frosty summer drink šŸ™‚


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