Blue Cheese Custard (sort of)

Trying to find savory, high fat dishes can be a challenge.
Sweet is easy!
Here’s one that you can 4x and make in a pie plate (bake at 350f for 30 minutes).

Blue Cheese Custard

2 large eggs (or x-large, not picky here)
3T heavy cream, half and half or coconut milk
2T water
3T crumbled blue cheese (if you like it really strong, use Gorgonzola)
big pinch each salt and pepper
little pinch of nutmeg
splash of hot sauce if you like

Blend everything except 1T blue cheese, then stir that in gently.
Microwave safe bowl/cup, 2 minutes.

A little over 400 calories, about 4g carbs. Not bad 🙂


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