I’ve been reading a lot about how eating a single food, for several days, can reset your metabolism, ease cravings and hunger, and cleanses your palate.
Interesting concept.
I’m tempted to try all potatoes one day (resistant starches are “trending” lol); then all eggs + limited added fats the next.
I’m more curious than hoping for a miracle.
My thoughts:
It would be boring, which could cause a reduction in appetite and cravings, because well… it’s boring food!
1. I know me, and it would be easy to eat too much because of that boredom.
2. I don’t really like eggs all that much, but nutritionally, they’re egg-ceptionally good for you.
3. I don’t do well with no seasoning. Reading the mono-food threads on various blogs and forums, most people do well with no seasonings, at all, or with just a smidge of salt.
4. What the heck? I can do anything for a few days.
Oh and 5: cooking for the hubbs and son may present a “sensory” problem. I may cook ahead today for their suppers lol.

So I guess I’ve talked (typed) myself into trying it. Monday is grocery day, but I already have eggs and potatoes, so I guess it’s tomorrow!


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