In a cooking rut?

Yeah, me too.
One go-to meal when I am just stumped for ideas is a shredded beef (or pork) in the crock pot.
It couldn’t be easier to throw together, and it cooks without supervision.

2-3lb beef roast or pork roast
8oz salsa or pico de gallo, or canned tomatoes with green chilis(diced style)
1 tsp salt
1/2tsp pepper
1/4tsp each: garlic powder, chili powder, onion powder and ground cumin

You have an option: you can salt and pepper the meat and sear it off first OR you can just toss it all in as-is.
Either way: once everything is in the crock, cover and cook on low for 6+ hours, or high for 3-4. You want the meat tender enough to shred apart with forks.
Now, for added flavor, remove the meat and reduce or thicken the remaining juices.
AND, heat a cast iron (or other heavy skillet) skillet and add 1-2T good cooking fat and sear the cooked, shredded meat until it’s nicely browned.
Serve as-is, over lettuce for mexican salad, use your plan acceptable wrap/tortilla, etc.

Leftovers: Soup!
Add any leftover meat and liquids to a pot with shredded/chopped veggies and additional broth. I like to add tomatoes, cilantro, onion and diced zucchini to my soup mix.


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