I Was at My Lowest Adult Weight Doing Intermittent Fasting

I don’t know – physically -why I stopped short of goal.
I know it was all a head game.
I followed JUDDD (The Johnson Up Day Down Day Diet) about 2 years ago and was within 15 pounds of my goal weight.
Then I stopped.
I don’t know why other than people who saw me eating only 500 calories every other day were on my butt about it being unhealthy.
So I stopped, and started gaining back what I lost.

Here’s the thing: even on JUDDD, I kept my carbs fairly low (let’s say under 50g carbs a day) most of the time.
Yes, my weakness was the occasional pasta and/or bread.
Seriously, I think a sourdough, meunseter and pesto grilled cheese needs to be the national food!

I wasn’t looking for a lot of fake, processed foods to keep my Down calories low.
I stuck mainly to lean proteins (fish, chicken, very low fat beef) and fresh vegetables along with my Misto sprayer of olive oil, vinegars and spices and was pretty content most “down days”.

I posted about mono-food-diets the other day.
It was not unusual for me to have 4 eggs and some lettuce, along with EVOO misted on them for my low-cal days.
Baked potatoes, plain except for truffle salt and a mist of evoo.
I was, I guess, incorporating the mono-food into the JUDDD plan.

If there’s a point to this entry, I guess it’s self reflection.
I know what works. I know how to do what works. I know I can stick to it.
It’s frustrating.


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