“What are you having?”

Those words are the opening volley for the war.

Whenever we go out for a meal, the Hubbs invariably asks me “what are you having”.

If I tell him, he has one of two reactions: he screws up his face like a little kid and says “I don’t like that” (seriously almost 58 years old and he still acts like this) OR he scowls and says “That’s what I was going to order”.

My reaction is usually: “Well good thing you’re not eating it” or “Dear, I’m sure they have more than one (of the item)”.

So, about five years ago, I just started responding with “I’m not sure”, then I don’t say anything until the waiter takes the order lol.

Here’s the deal: our ideas of what we eat are vastly different.
Me: steak/fish/chicken, not breaded with a salad(I smuggle my own EVOO or dressing in unless the place has awesome blue cheese dressing:)) and a vegetable side. That can be fajitas with the vegetables and guacamole, or a steak/chicken grilled with broccoli. You get the picture.

Him: chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes or fries, corn, etc.

The only time our meals cross paths is when I am in the mood, once or twice a year, for a burger and fries.
Then it’s the biggest, greasiest, nastiest burger I can find lol, I want a white bun, grease running down my arm – yes! It has to be the best burger around, then I’m good for 6 months or so.

And every time we go out, he always leaves it up to me to pick a place.
While that’s charming for a while, after almost 28 years of marriage, I don’t always want to pick.
His excuse: I don’t know what you can eat. Well, really, I can find something I can eat wherever, even if it’s just a salad.
No real point to this entry other than that is was on my mind 🙂
Have a great Tuesday everyone!


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