I don’t like that study… I’ll wait until tomorrow!

The internet is awash with “what is golden today is bad for you tomorrow”.
You can find a study to prove, or disprove, pretty much anything.

Dieting is a real minefield of “eat this, that is bad for you; NO! eat that, this is bad for you”.
Almost weekly you can find a new study to tell you that what you learned last week was wrong.
Low-fat is good; no it’s bad.
High fat is really good; no it’s bad.
Low-carb; high carb; calories in, calories out; metabolic advantage; paleo/primal; #confusing!

People driven studies are, IMO, the worst.
Have you ever seen a tv show called “HOUSE”? He says “everyone lies”.
In studies, this is probably more true.
When they do a study for diets where people are saying “yes, I followed xxx plan exclusively with no breaks/cheats for 6 months”, without the subjects of the study being observed 24/7, you have to take their word for it.
Then there are the results. “I lost 87 pounds in 2 months taking xxx pill without a change to diet or exercise!” Really? Meanwhile test subject Placebo lost 40 pounds in the same time frame.
So: no change to diet or exercise, yet… well you get the picture.
Of course the Placebo group results are usually in the fine print.

Best bet: Pick a plan, see your doctor, have your blood tests done and make yourself your own study group 🙂


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