Books, Blogs and Ebooks

Are real, printed books, an antiquated way to read?
I was watching Once Upon a Time (yeah, I know :p) and the “Beauty and the Beast” story line has a lot of library scenes.
It made me ask: when was the last time I purchased a book? (It was: The Ancestral Table: Traditional Recipes for a Paleo Lifestyle by Russ Crandall just FYI ).
But before that, I don’t remember.
I kindle a lot. I read blogs. Pinterest for recipes. Message boards and forums for the latest research info.
I know that all the electronic choices make for a better world (no one cuts down a tree to share grannies cobbler recipe), but it’s kind of sad, too.
I remember going to the library, as a kid, was a big thing on a Saturday. We’d spend an hour with a “storyteller” reading some magical story to a group of us – while our parents ran errands lol.
I took my son to the Library for the same reasons, but I stayed and listened to the stories, too!
Maybe ebooks should come with a warning label: Caution, over consumption can leave you feeling nostalgic for the good old days.

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