“Peasant” Breakfast from “The Old Country”

My great-grandmother was Polish.
One of the breakfast she used to make us was a simple, but very tasty “peasant” breakfast.
She would fry cabbage in bacon fat, or another fat, until it was really browned, then spoon that over toasted peasant bread and top it with fried eggs.(I found that Zingerman’s Paesano bread is really close to what I remember, but any good rustic bread will do).
You’d cut through the egg, letting the yolk cover the cabbage and soak into the bread along with the bacon fat and the bacon on the side.
It wasn’t healthy lol. At all!
But it was a wonderful, comforting breakfast that I recently shared with my son.
He loved it too.

Low-carb, omit the bread, but otherwise, give this a try!


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