Drink Your Lemon Water with a Pinch of Sea Salt Every Morning!

There are hundreds of blog posts, articles and studies that tell you how good lemon juice and sea salt are for you.
Challenge yourself: cut a lemon in half (or quarters)and squeeze into a mug of water, then drop the lemon piece in along with a pinch of sea salt and microwave for 1 minute. Let it steep for 3-4 minutes, then sip and enjoy.
Vitamin C and electrolyte balance, especially in the winter when we tend to drink less and get dehydrated from heated air, are just two of the benefits of this little pick-me-up.
For a twist, try grating a little fresh ginger into the mug as well.

**I only add salt in the morning drink. If I have it in the afternoon, I do lemon and ginger with a little stevia for a refreshing, energizing drink instead of coffee or tea.


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