Wow I owe you all an apology for disappearing!

It’s been a rough several months.

I lost my mother in April, and her sister, my aunt, just a day later.

Because my grandmother, their mother, is elderly and has dementia, I was the one to handle all of the arrangements, and still dealing with some straggling red tape.

It’s been a difficult time for our family, but we’re remembering the good times.

I do apologize to my loyal followers, and I will try to stay updated more often.

Other than family loss, things haven’t been too bad.

If you’ve seen the news, the temps in Texas have been brutally hot! Days on days of 100+. The blessing, if you can call it that, is that humidity has been “more reasonable than usual” for this time of year lol.

My diet, well that was somewhere, but I’m back on track now.

I did weight watchers for 3 months and did “ok” but I didn’t feel great, you know?
So I’m back to low-carb with an 85/15 ratio to “clean” foods (very limited frankenfoods).

I am trying to get away from sucralose, and am trying a blend by Natural Mate that’s Stevia and erythritol.  It’s not bad, but luckily I have a quiet sweet tooth lol.

Netrition (my favorite online store!) carries it:

Anyway, to those of you who stuck around: thank you!

To any new viewers: Don’t do what I do, do what I say and keep your followers updated 🙂


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