Dieting And Eating Disorders Part 2

I gave my thoughts about this topic months ago.
Since then, I’ve been following a forum posters story about her weight loss.
Her claims:
She’s lost about 135 pounds in a year.
She only eats one meal a day, hardly any fat, practically nil carbs*, and her calories total under 1000 a day, usually under 900.
Oh and she claims to work out 4-6 hours a day. Every day.

And has a full time job.
I’m skeptical.
However, she has developed quite a following because of her weight loss, in spite of common sense that something isn’t quite right about it.
I expect we’ll see her selling her “diet” soon. People are pleading with her to “share her secrets”.
(Anyone remember Kimmer?)
Is she a fake? No idea.
Her before and after pictures are odd.
When you have that much weight loss, it’s hard to tell if it’s the same person.
BUT, her after picture is in a sleeveless blouse and shorts, and there’s no hanging, sagging skin. In the before picture her upper arms are large, fatty, typical of someone who is older and has carried a lot of excess weight for years, yet in the afters they’re toned.

Call me a negative-Nancy, but I just find some “miracle weight loss” stories a little too fantastic to be believable, or in this case, sustainable.

Sure, some people lose an amazing amount of weight on crash diets, but it’s not sustainable over the rest of your life.


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