We got Divorced…

From AT&T. (ha  ;))

We upgraded to Uverse 2 years ago because our dsl and land line decided they couldn’t get along any more. Every time the phone rang, it would disconnect the internet.

Fast forward to many, many service calls and we’re told uverse would solve the problem.

So we bought it /annoyed.

For a while it was great, better speed, no disconnects, then suddenly it wasn’t great AND those annoying disconnects also disconnected the phone.

Months and months of this, service call after service call.

The kicker was April, when my mother passed away, we had hundreds of disconnects a day for 3 weeks. Making what was a very hard situation even worse, nearly impossible.

Still, we’re loyal customers, so we stayed with them, through many more service calls, then in July it started up again and we were DONE.

The gentlemen that came out to do the repairs were great. But no one, not one in the dozens we saw over the last year +, could ever figure out why it kept happening.

So we switched to xfinity, and so far (knock on wood), excellent speed and no disconnects.

Well, one disconnect, the day after we installed. Definitely an “oh crap” moment  lol:)


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