I Love My Keurig, But I’m Cheating With a French Press


I really love my Keurig, especially with the new pods that are less waste/landfill. And since there are refillable cups that work with the 2.0 system, like these (http://www.amazon.com/FROZ-CUP-2-0-Refillable-Reusable-Brewers/dp/B00ZW7LW6W/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1439991606&sr=8-3&keywords=2.o+k-cup), “K-lovers” didn’t get totally locked out with Keurigs 2.0 system.

Now, that being said, a friend recently talked me into getting a French press. I was dubious at first, but now I love it.

My Keurig is still my go-to, but once a day, I cheat with my French press, usually my 2nd cup of the day.

It’s easy to just boil the water, spoon the coffee into the press, pour the water over, quick stir,  and let it steep while I get dressed. When I get back to the kitchen, the perfect, STRONG, cup of coffee is waiting for me.

Although I probably committed some national crime by microwaving the water (sacrebleu!).

French Presses are inexpensive, and easily found. I did try one, years ago, and hated it because the whole thing was plastic. Get a glass one. Better yet, once you’re hooked, get an insulated glass one that holds 32oz of water so you can have 3 cups of great coffee without it getting too chilled.

Disclaimer: although I do include links at times to products, I am not an affiliate for any of the sites/products, I’m just sharing where and what with you 🙂


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