Pondering Cheese and Low-Carb Recipes

I love cheese, I really do!

But: why is it every low-carb recipe seems to want to cram as much cheese as is humanly possible into it? Aside from masking the flavor of the dish, it also jumps the calories up tremendously.
Not to mention can cause some serious *ahem* bathroom issues!

If I want that much cheese, I’ll, you know, eat cheese lol.

I love strong flavored cheeses, and as a finishing flavor, not the bulk of the dish.

A nice sprinkle of mozzarella or Asiago or Parmesan. A really nice crumble of goat cheese or a strong bleu cheese. A few cubes of super sharp cheddar or Manchego. A crumble of feta. A few thin slices of a sharp horseradish cheese.
These are the things that make my cheese-world go around.
When you add a little cheese to a dish, it elevates it, but doesn’t eliminate the taste or texture of the body of a dish.
I want meatballs topped with a little mozzarella, not meatballs in cheese dip lol.

I’m not above adding a load of cheese to something occasionally, but usually not.
Same with bacon, but that’s another story(and low-carb blasphemy!) 😉

Just a rambling thought for today.


One thought on “Pondering Cheese and Low-Carb Recipes

  1. fittoservegroup says:

    I am a bit of a mouse and love, love cheese. However, you are right no need to go overboard, although it’s tough for this girl. I think that’s why I could never do Paleo. NO CHEESE? Not for me LOL

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