This is a total ramble: facebook and oversharing negativity

noun: negativity; plural noun: negativities
  1. the expression of criticism of or pessimism about something.
    “he was taken aback by the negativity of the press”

If you’re on facebook, you probably have “friends” like these:

  • They’re always posting negative things
  • They hate everything
  • They don’t seem to have any joy in their lives
  • They trash talk others/make rude comments
  • If you dare post something positive, they have a downer comment to add
  • Nothing is ever good enough

You get the picture, and I’m willing to bet you know at least one.

I try to be upbeat and positive.

I recently asked my facebook friends to post one thing a day positive about their lives for a week.

“Negative Nancy” posted “I don’t want to play this stupid game”.  She went on to say these things are dumb and no one can be positive all the time.

I agreed with her, but explained I only wanted 1 thing a day for a week, surely she could find that. Is it a beautiful day? Did you have a really great meal? Did you cook or craft something that you were proud of? Did your kid(s)/pet make you smile? Did a stranger do something nice like hold the door for you? Did someone let you onto the street in traffic so you didn’t have to wait 5 minutes?

Simple things can help adjust your attitude, and positive thoughts can impact you in ways that benefit not just you, but your loved ones and even the strangers around you.

So… look for the good things in life!


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