Eating Like Our Ancestors Did?

It’s kind of funny reading Paleo and Primal sites.
“Eat meat and fat, some veggies and limit fruits!”
Ok. Seems simple enough, but was that really what our ancestors ate?

With no way to store their foods, other than a snow bank if they thought of it, it’s not really feasible that they ate meat every day, is it?
Your hunters went out and made a kill or two, or found dead things.
They were gone days, or longer.
They probably ate that mammoth until their buddies started dying from food poisoning.

What did the “camp” do while they were out?

I’d imagine they ate anything they could get their hands on, which probably meant that had a lot more “meatless Mondays” than “feasting Fridays”.
Some purists say “no sweeteners, at all”, but you can’t tell me that if Caveman Bob ran across a honeycomb, or a maple tree that was dripping sap, or a stevia plant, that he didn’t eat it.

Most of this post is just me thinking out loud about some of the inconsistencies in what is logical and what is promoted in the Diet industries.


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