Sushi Anyone? Let’s UNcomplicate Navigating Keto/Low Carb/LCHF and One of My Favorite Foods

My son and I love sushi. We’re not picky,  generally we stick to “rolls” because this is a small town where Chicken Fried Steak is King lol.

My favorites are the PHILADELPHIA ROLL (Smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber) and the VEGGIE ROLL ( Cucumber, carrots, scallion, avocado, asparagus, cream cheese).

Of course, on low-carb/keto/LCHF those are a no-no because of the rice.

There are excellent low-carb variations that use cream cheese instead of rice. Lots of cream cheese. 1/4 cup or more cream cheese per roll. Good but… no-thanks.

But you can make a version of Sushi at home that I call faux-Sushi roll.

In place of the rice or cream cheese, make your favorite seafood salad.

Keep it simple: Your protein (tuna, salmon, crab, shrimp -any seafood that can be flaked or minced), well drained if canned, just enough mayonnaise or sour cream to make it stick together, a little soy sauce/coconut aminos and a splash of unseasoned rice vinegar. Spread this over 2/3 of the Nori sheet just as you would rice. It should take about 1/4 cup of the seafood salad to cover.

That’s the only thing you’re going to change: sub out the seafood salad for the rice.

Fill as you normally would with julienned carrots, cucumber, jicama, daikon, red radishes, pickled onions, etc; add your avocado, cream cheese, sesame seeds, toasted pumpkin seeds(try this!), asparagus (try pickled asparagus!), whatever you like, this is food, not rocket science 🙂

While wasabi is always popular, get adventurous and use a little sriracha mayonnaise down the center for a slightly different flavor.


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