Frequent Urination and Artificial Sweeteners

I love(d) Splenda. Usually in the form of Ez-sweetz concentrated liquid.

I was also getting up to go to the bathroom at night, sometimes 3-4 times!

I was thinking “Ok, I’m getting older (51 now) and it’s probably hormonal”.

I noticed about 2 months ago, after cutting out all sucralose based sweeteners almost 100%*, I am not getting up as much – most of the time not at all -at night.

Now it took some times for me to make the connection, but every time I had a beverage with Splenda(tm) in it, I would be up that night at least once.

Once I thought “Hmm Dot, there could be a connection”, I talked to my good buddy Google (lol) and found a lot of info that correlated to the effect that artificial sweeteners can cause frequent urination if you use a lot.

I didn’t use a lot, maybe the equivalent of 3-4 packs a day, and I don’t like carbonated drinks very often at all, so I don’t consider my usage of sweetener “a lot”.

But, even that little bit does seem to have made the difference between sleeping all night or having to go to the bathroom.

Here are a couple of links you might find interesting if you’re curious:




*I’ll add that I continue to use Natural Mate with stevia, once a day, and I haven’t had the need to go at night return.

Food for thought!


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