Do You Have A “Diet History”?

I was thinking about all the diets I’ve been on in my life.
Frightening how many!
I remember my mother was on Ayds Chocolate Candy way, way back in the day. My brother and I would eat them lol.

I was not overweight as a child. But because my maternal family were all constant dieters, I was raised to think I needed to be thinner, even when I was a (US) clothing size 4 adult. Looking back, it was too thin for me. I’m naturally curvy and that size was, well, boney.

Once I was actually heavy, I did try these diets:
Weight Watchers: semi successful back in the early 90s. I’ve done WW more than once, but I need more fat and protein than their “points” allow or else I feel awful.
The ’92 version of Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution. I even had my husband on this one and he lost a lot more than I did, and he cheated with cheeseburgers once a week. It was very annoying! I was completely strict and on-plan and he was losing double what I was.
Then Somersize came out and I was intrigued. The food combining looked interesting. I didn’t lose any weight on that and pretty much felt run-down with the carb meals.
Stillmans left me starving and cheating.

Now, I bounced back and forth between Weight Watchers and Low-Carb for a long time.
Reading the Low Carb Friends board, I ran across posts about a diet called JUDDD – Dr Johnsons Up Day Down Day Diet.
Dr J was intermittent fasting before it was popular lol.
Before I allowed my stress levels and personal doubt get the best of me, I nearly reached my goal weight (70lbs lost) on this plan in less than a year!

Why I quit is an unknown even to me. I think I started making excuses to over eat on the high calorie days.
I went completely off plan and gained back all I’d lost over 3 years. <—enter the self hate and loathing inner demons.
I went to Primal and Paleo because the food choices are, ultimately, very healthy. I didn’t lose weight on this type of plan, but I did feel great!
So ever forward as I go, I decided to blend the alternate day fasting with “clean” eating. I can have my butter and olive oil and lose weight too!
So far, about 12 pounds off the first month.
I’ll smack that demon down yet.


3 thoughts on “Do You Have A “Diet History”?

  1. dizzybritches says:

    I’m a little late, but I did a Google search for “fish sauce sucks,” and discovered this blog. I am 62, and 5.5 months into a weight-loss “journey”(ughhhh, I hate that expression). So far 40 pounds down. But anyway, I hang out on an online weight-management community, and as a result I have become insanely interested in diet culture. I enjoyed this post, and I’ll be back!

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