You Are What You Eat: A Mini Challenge

“Everything you put in your mouth needs to be a conscious decision.” (my own quote 😉 ).

Simple thing to read, not so easy in practice.

How often do you really think before putting something in your mouth?

“Just 1 bite”, “I’ll start over tomorrow”, “Well they made me eat it”, “I had no choice”, “There was nothing on my plan to eat”.

We’ve all heard them, we’ve all said them, we’ve all rationalized them. They’re excuses.

Harsh? Maybe. Truth? Definitely.

It’s a little easier if you’re doing the cooking. You have control over everything you put in a dish or on  a plate.

But in a world of “must get it done faster”, it can be a challenge.

So here’s the Mini-challenge, should you choose to take it:

  • For a month, just 2 meals a week, slow down!
  • Be in control of what goes into your mouth.
  • Don’t make an excuse to eat something that will make you feel bad about yourself for days.
  • Make the conscious decision to eat this meal, bite by bite, and enjoy it mentally and relaxed.
  • Turn off the TV, cell phone, computer, whatever your “distracted eating” object(s) is.
  • It doesn’t matter what meal, just try it.

Ok Go! 🙂


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