Keto CaNa and Keto//OS update

I’m reporting on the Keto CaNa since I received that first and am going to take the whole 16 day supply before trying the OS.

I received my Keto CaNa from Netrition on Monday and started taking it Tuesday.

The bad first: to me, it tastes sickeningly sweet/tart. Not nausea inducing, but kind of like a pixi-stix meets orange Tang, meets sour lemons. My tip is to mix it with a full bottle (17+oz) water and sip it, don’t try to drink it quickly.

The good:

  • Sleeping very deeply and undisturbed. Not oblivious, I still hear sounds that wake me, but I fall back to sleep immediately instead of laying awake for an hour or more as I usually would.
  • Even though I take this first thing in the morning, by dinner time my appetite is nill. I’ve forced myself to have some broth or protein so I’m fueling my body.
  • Memory is better. You know how you think of something you need to add to your shopping list, and by the time you get to your list you got sidetracked a few times and forgot what it was? Well that  is much better lol.
  • Part of the “memory” item: my thoughts are clearer, able to focus.

The ambivalent:

  • According to the ketostix, I’m in deep ketosis for about 3 hours after I take it, then it’s gone, completely, even though the beneficial effects last all day, that confuses me.
  • I do wonder if it causes “faux ketosis”, and if that causes a psyched up effect that’s really behind the beneficial feelings, IE: You can see the sticks turn dark, and that makes you go “rah-rah let’s go!”

I don’t usually weigh before Mondays, but I was curious and, at 5 full days using the Keto CaNa, I have lost 5 pounds and I definitely feel my clothing is looser.

Will update again after the 16 days, and then will try the Keto//OS for the full months supply I (finally!) got Thursday.

I am a bit wary of the OS product because of the powdered MCT oil. MCT usually gives me a little nausea, so that may be a  major issue.


2 thoughts on “Keto CaNa and Keto//OS update

    • dotren says:

      I couldn’t take it, it made me so sick to my stomach, I just couldn’t handle it. I even tried to break it down by adding a scoop to 32oz of water and just sipping it though the day.
      I think I’m sensitive to the MCT oil, I can’t take more than a teaspoon of that at a time either.

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