Week 2 of The Wild Diet

I feel great!

Over valentines day I re-gained 2 pounds that I’d lost, but this week I lost that and another 2 making my loss for 2 weeks WITH the V-Day off plan meal: 8 pounds!

I do have a lot to lose, but my loss is normally about 1-2lbs a week at best, so losing an average of 4lbs per week is awesomeness.

This weeks meal plan:


  1. Breakfast: Coffee with cream
  2. Lunch: green smoothie and a hard boiled egg
  3. Supper: 6oz ribeye, grilled; steamed asparagus with a little butter; big green salad with olive oil and balsamic (this is my go-to salad)


  1. Coffee with cream
  2. sardines (tinned, wild caught, organic, all that stuff) sauteed in evoo with garlic, capers and grape tomatoes; “go-to” salad
  3. creamed eggs (chopped hard boiled eggs warmed in butter, then add a little cream, salt and pepper), over an almond flour biscuit (1T each almond and coconut flour, beaten egg, pinch of salt and enough water to make it like a really thick pancake batter, then microwave for 1 minute); and bacon


  1. Coffee with cream
  2. go-to salad with added avocado and egg
  3. roasted chicken thighs with chili powder, cumin and cayenne; sauteed onions and peppers; go-to salad


  1. Coffee with cream
  2. zucchini noodles with organic marinara and parmesan cheese; romaine with a home made caesar type dressing
  3. bacon burger patty wrapped in lettuce with pickles, onions and mustard; side of roasted okra


  1. coffee with cream
  2. green smoothie
  3. coconut curry chicken over cauliflower rice


  1. coffee with cream
  2. probably lunch out with the hubbs so will strive for as clean as possible
  3. green smoothie and activated charcoal to off-set lunch


  1. coffee with cream
  2. beef stew (beef, turnips, carrots, onions, tomato sauce, beef broth, spices) and an almond flour biscuit (recipe @ Tuesday)
  3. green salad with tuna and avocado, evoo and balsamic

That’s it folks!

Wish me luck in week 3 🙂





The Wild Diet Week 2 Menu

The Wild Diet has a focus on healthy, organic foods. Lots of organic greens and veggies, a little fruit, good quality protein and “healthy” fats like coconut oil, EVOO, avocado oil, etc -you know the ones.

Most days on the plan start with a “fatty coffee” that has heavy cream and 1tsp each grass fed butter and MCT oil.

I found I can only handle that a couple of times a week, so I’m going to try and incorporate the fatty coffees into days when I am having a green smoothie for lunch.

My green smoothie consists of:

1 scoop Amazing Grass Green SuperFood, 1.5 cups organic unsweetened almond milk, a handful of frozen fruit (blackberries that I froze, blueberries or a couple of strawberries), a little stevia, and as many leafy greens (kale, spinach, beet greens, etc) as I can fit in the big Ninja blender, puree until it’s all a consistent color then add enough water to make it drinkable.

If I’m hungry, I’ll add a scoop of pea protein powder (that’s what I have on hand. The ingredients are clean and it has no sweeteners).

Menu planned for the Week of: 2/15/16


B: fatty coffee

L: green smoothie

D: pork belly w/veggies Korean* style


B: coffee w/heavy cream

L: zucchini noodles w/organic marinara sauce (no added sugar)

D: roasted chicken drumsticks, asparagus, green salad


B: coffee w/heavy cream

L: big salad w/cheese and avocado, evoo and balsamic, maybe sardines

D: t-bone, salad w/evoo & balsamic


B: coffee w/heavy cream

L: green smoothie

D: taco salad w/sour cream and salsa mixed for dressing, little cheese

B: coffee w/heavy cream

L: green smoothie

D: omelet w/eggs, avocado, spinach, onion, mushrooms and chimichurri sauce; large salad


B: coffee w/heavy cream

L: planning lunch out so: steak or chicken, steamed veggies and a salad (sneaking in my own evoo/balsamic in a bottle in my purse)

D: green smoothie OR scrambled eggs and salad


B: coffee w/heavy cream

L: burger patties w/cheese; salad

D: scrambled eggs topped with fresh salsa and avocado; and salad

All menu days may include hard boiled egg(s), a few almonds, veggies (carrots, cucumber or bell pepper) or an ounce of cheese if I am hungry.

Almost forgot: my first week on plan, even with Valentines Day, I lost 8 pounds!

*I found some organic Korean condiments on Amazon.com that really work well. If you like it sweet, add a little stevia or Xyletol.

Wholly Doenjang, Premium Gluten-free Unpasteurized Artisanal 3 Year Aged Korean Soybean Paste


Seriously Korean Bibim Gochujang Sauce, Cho Gochujang, Gluten-free, Chemical-free, Vegan

Mirin is not Wild friendly, but you can sub out unseasoned Rice Vinegar and a little sweetener and get the nuances of Mirin without the added sugars.

“Food Is Fuel, It Doesn’t Need To Taste Good”


Seriously, this is a trending movement in the internet diet world.

While looking for Paleo recipes (Wild Diet friendly mostly), I came across an alarming (and annoying) number of links to the “fuel, not fun” diet mantra.

I read a couple of the posts, because I was curious, and one woman had me laughing to tears.

She did really well for a month, no salt, no pepper, no oils, just straight food as close to natural as you can get it (Ok parts of it sound legit), cooking only to the point that it’s not difficult to choke down or digest. Then, she said “I was licking the computer screen every time there was a picture of food!” Needless to say, she gave it a 3 stars rating but couldn’t continue, and wished everyone well as she headed down to the local Taco Bell.

I give her kudos for lasting a month!

Several years ago I had a really bad sinus infection and I could not taste anything. For a week, everything was like eating various textures of packing peanuts. I can’t imagine choosing to follow a plan like that lol.

I know there are probably people that can handle that kind of monotone food flavors, I’m not one of them lol.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think it’s easy to cover up the amazing flavors that Mother Nature gives up with too many chemicals, sugar and other additives, I just can’t “diet” if it feels like punishment!

Wild Diet Day 4:

Breakfast was coffee with 2tablespoons heavy cream; Lunch was roasted chicken wing drumettes (4 smallish ones) seasoned simply with salt, pepper and chili powder, and a big leafy green salad with EVOO and Balsamic; Supper was a bacon cheeseburger patty (home made) and a big salad like at Lunch; Snack was 2 hard boiled eggs and about an ounce of blue cheddar cheese.

We’re not supposed to count calories, but that was a little over 1300 and it was a LOT of food.

I may venture into “green smoothie” territory next week since The Wild Diet fat loss protocol suggests a “fatty coffee” for breakfast and a big green smoothie for lunch then a “feast” for dinner.




Wild Diet Day 3

Still going strong!

Woke up at 5am, put a bunch of frozen beef bones in the Instant Pot to make bone broth. I keep it simple because my dog and myself are the only ones that use it lol. Just a splash of vinegar to release the minerals from the bones, and  a little salt.

I had planned on starting the day with a Fatty Coffee, but it didn’t appeal to me, so I had black coffee.

Oh I want to say: I woke up at around 2am STARVING but went back to sleep. When I woke up at 5, I was not hungry.

Lunch was the other 1/2 of the acorn squash with a pat of butter and sprinkle of cinnamon, a roasted chicken thigh and a big salad with a drizzle of EVOO and balsamic.

Dinner was the leftover swai fillet, roasted zucchini with a little butter and Parmesan and a big green salad with EVOO and  Hazelnut oil, no vinegar.

I started drinking the lemon/cranberry water last week and have had indigestion in the middle of the night. I thought that might be the cause, so I didn’t drink any Tuesday, and no indigestion Tuesday night. It could be the lemon, so I’m going to start changing that up and try it with just the cranberries and a smaller amount of lemon (or just lemon juice, not toss the whole half in, peel and all) and see how that goes.

I’m expecting my Netriton order today, so more Organic pumpkin, coconut milk, coconut vinegar and other things.

I will probably not update this daily, I know that gets boring, so I may start posting my weekly planned menus on Sundays instead 🙂

Peace all and have a wonderful day!




Wild Diet Day 2

Well that went well 😀

No hunger, but I had a big old honkin’ ribeye at supper, so I got my calories over 1000 lol,

Breakfast was a “fatty coffee”: organic coffee (k-cup type) with 1T heavy cream and 1T butter

Lunch was 1/2 a baked acorn squash with a pat of butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon and a roasted boneless chicken thigh, a big salad of mixed “power greens” with a drizzle of EVOO and balsamic vinegar. I was stuffed!

Snack was some kind of weird cheese I picked up lol. It was a combination of sharp cheddar and Bleu cheese. Very good! I’ll have to be cautious because I love a good old stinky cheese, and this is THAT lol.

Dinner was the ribeye (probably 10oz) and a zucchini that I pan sauteed with a little butter, salt and pepper and finished with a sprinkle of Parm.

Woke up a little headache-y but that was sinuses. I’m still trying to stay clear of allergy meds. My Netrition.com order came in with Xlear xylitol saline nasal spray and it really cleared me out, so – so far – this seems like it could be a non-medication way to deal with the nasal aspect of sinus/allergies.


Day 1 of The Wild Diet is behind me

it went pretty well!

Breakfast was just coffee with heavy cream;

Lunch was tilapia cooked in EVOO with capers and cherry tomatoes and a large leafy green salad with EVOO and balsamic;

Dinner was roasted chicken thigh and cooked spinach with a sprinkle of Parmesan.

I did opt to have a small serving of cantaloupe as a snack between Lunch and Dinner, then 2 small carrots with about 1tablespoon of home made ranch dip before bed, along with some Sleepy Time tea.

All told, my calories were pretty low @ under 1200, so I may need to track for a while to get the hang of it.

I did not experience any real hunger, so that was easy!

I went by the WD book and will say I fasted from around 8pm until Noon, since they don’t seem to count fats (cream, butter, MCT, whatever) in your coffee as breaking your fast.

So I have my meals mostly planned for the week. I have to make some changes for what the grocery didn’t have that I wanted (flanken ribs for Korean BBQ in lettuce wraps, Pork Belly for a pork belly, pepper and onion stir fry), so hopefully they’ll be in stock next week.

I did hit the mother load of marked down organic, grass fed strip steaks @50% off, so each steak was about $4! I like that they’re individually wrapped, and about 10-12oz each, so son and I can share 1 for lunch, or I can cook 2 and get 3 servings for hubby, son and myself. I grabbed 9, so we’re set for a couple of weeks for those, IF I can keep son from cooking them as a midnight snack lol.

I was also pleasantly surprised at the amount of wild caught, olive oil packed tuna, sardines and salmon. So I grabbed a few tins of each.

The plan is very focused on healthy, colorful, non-starchy veggies and limits grains (sprouted, in small amounts, seems ok).

Which is great with me since I love my veggies!

The store had those giant clamshell packs of all kinds of leafy greens @ 50% off, so I got 3 of them, packed about 1/3 of each into “green bags” and put them in the fridge, then froze the rest – yes FROZE the rest – in ziploc bags. Why? Because they’re fine frozen in smoothies, soups, etc!

So, wish me luck!




Good Saturday Morning!

As I sit here sipping my “fatty (ish) coffee” (I can’t do MCT oil, so 1tsp kerrygold butter and 1T heavy cream), and prepping my version of a Wild Diet safe water (below), I’m contemplating dieting and food in general.

Dieting, we use that word a LOT, don’t we? It used to be something women talked about, now it’s pretty genderless.

Oh sure, Jack LaLanne sort of kicked off “sexy men diet” way, way back lol.

You had the flex types like Jack, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and the rest of the muscular guys who talked about the way they ate to get into their fit shapes, but we gals, nope, we wanted to be slender and “feminine”, so we dieted (aka: starved ourselves).

I’m not knocking Jack, Arnold or Sylvester. They really opened the doors, even for women, to make fitness genderless, too. You would see women in the gym on the vibrating belt machines, or the stationary bike but NEVER lifting weights, not before these guys 🙂

Fast forward to today when men and women can be athletic works of art, and no one bats an eye.

In the same respect, men talk about diet and weight loss openly, too.

Anyway,  there was really no point to that other than it was in my head lol.

My “Wild Diet safe” water:

  • about 12 frozen cranberries, plain, organic if you can get them, gently smooshed
  • 1/2 a large organic lemon, washed and then thinly sliced
  • 8oz fresh brewed green tea
  • 8-12 oz cold water
  • stevia to taste

I put the lemon, cranberries and stevia into a large shaker bottle (just because), then I brew the tea directly over it in the Keurig and let it sit for 5 minutes, then add the cold water and pop it in the fridge to sip on all day (because plain water is BORING!).

If I drink it all, I just leave the cranberries and lemon in the bottom and add cold water and let it sit 15-20 minutes to infuse.

I made a batch of this with lemon slices and basil (just thinly sliced) and it was tasty but the basil was misbehaving and I kept getting a mouthful of it lol. But it’s a good combo 🙂



Stress: It’s What’s For Breakfast

Trying to get my Zen on lol.

We’re getting bids to have some home repairs and renovations done. So I called around and scheduled 3 contractors to get estimates.

Contractor 1: Called him at 11am Thursday, he scheduled for 9am Friday, was here and took measurements, we discussed what I wanted done. Said he’d call “sometime this week” with an estimate. Great!

Contractor 2: Called around 11am Thursday, he said he’s booked through the end of Feb but he will let me know if he has any openings or can get by to get a quick idea and estimate for me. That’s ok. I understand over-scheduling lol.

Contractor 3: Is actually the one we want to use, highly regarded locally. Called around noon Thursday, he asked if he could come by at 6pm Mon or Tues, I told him that was not a good time, he asked if “before 1pm” either day would work, I said that would be fine! So Monday, no show, no call but he did say “either day”, so no biggie. Tuesday, 4pm he still hasn’t called or showed up, so I left a message saying we need to reschedule because no one will be available.

I’m all about work ethic. If you need to spend more time on a job you’re already on, that’s great BUT seriously you (or your assistant or whoever it is that answers your company phone) can’t be bothered to call and let me know that you can’t make it?

I know, I know: I should be able to let these things go without getting so aggravated that I give myself a headache!

But the rest of the “project” is on hold until this stuff is finished, so it’s rather annoying.

It’s like you’re waving money in their faces and they aren’t interested.

We had a re-roof done in December, and that took almost 3 months to get scheduled-to-completion because of all the rain and storms over the Summer and Fall, lots of roof work to be found here.

That’s all for now! Will start updating soon on my excursion into the Wild Diet by Abel James.

It’s not that different from Intermittent Fasting with a Paleo/Primal lean, and it’s something I think I can even get my son and husband on board with (well, let’s say 80% of the time lol – I think you’d have to drug my son to get his Starbucks white-chocolate-mocha away from him, or my husbands beer!).


Fit and Fab in February!

Well I took a little sabbatical to get my head on straight.

Way too much stress eating away at me.

I’m back to what works: Intermittent Fasting with a low-carb edge.

I’m looking into the Wild Diet by Abel James because: the more I read about food, the more I want to get away from processed stuff.

So this is just a “HI! I am not gone!” post 🙂