Stress: It’s What’s For Breakfast

Trying to get my Zen on lol.

We’re getting bids to have some home repairs and renovations done. So I called around and scheduled 3 contractors to get estimates.

Contractor 1: Called him at 11am Thursday, he scheduled for 9am Friday, was here and took measurements, we discussed what I wanted done. Said he’d call “sometime this week” with an estimate. Great!

Contractor 2: Called around 11am Thursday, he said he’s booked through the end of Feb but he will let me know if he has any openings or can get by to get a quick idea and estimate for me. That’s ok. I understand over-scheduling lol.

Contractor 3: Is actually the one we want to use, highly regarded locally. Called around noon Thursday, he asked if he could come by at 6pm Mon or Tues, I told him that was not a good time, he asked if “before 1pm” either day would work, I said that would be fine! So Monday, no show, no call but he did say “either day”, so no biggie. Tuesday, 4pm he still hasn’t called or showed up, so I left a message saying we need to reschedule because no one will be available.

I’m all about work ethic. If you need to spend more time on a job you’re already on, that’s great BUT seriously you (or your assistant or whoever it is that answers your company phone) can’t be bothered to call and let me know that you can’t make it?

I know, I know: I should be able to let these things go without getting so aggravated that I give myself a headache!

But the rest of the “project” is on hold until this stuff is finished, so it’s rather annoying.

It’s like you’re waving money in their faces and they aren’t interested.

We had a re-roof done in December, and that took almost 3 months to get scheduled-to-completion because of all the rain and storms over the Summer and Fall, lots of roof work to be found here.

That’s all for now! Will start updating soon on my excursion into the Wild Diet by Abel James.

It’s not that different from Intermittent Fasting with a Paleo/Primal lean, and it’s something I think I can even get my son and husband on board with (well, let’s say 80% of the time lol – I think you’d have to drug my son to get his Starbucks white-chocolate-mocha away from him, or my husbands beer!).



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