Day 1 of The Wild Diet is behind me

it went pretty well!

Breakfast was just coffee with heavy cream;

Lunch was tilapia cooked in EVOO with capers and cherry tomatoes and a large leafy green salad with EVOO and balsamic;

Dinner was roasted chicken thigh and cooked spinach with a sprinkle of Parmesan.

I did opt to have a small serving of cantaloupe as a snack between Lunch and Dinner, then 2 small carrots with about 1tablespoon of home made ranch dip before bed, along with some Sleepy Time tea.

All told, my calories were pretty low @ under 1200, so I may need to track for a while to get the hang of it.

I did not experience any real hunger, so that was easy!

I went by the WD book and will say I fasted from around 8pm until Noon, since they don’t seem to count fats (cream, butter, MCT, whatever) in your coffee as breaking your fast.

So I have my meals mostly planned for the week. I have to make some changes for what the grocery didn’t have that I wanted (flanken ribs for Korean BBQ in lettuce wraps, Pork Belly for a pork belly, pepper and onion stir fry), so hopefully they’ll be in stock next week.

I did hit the mother load of marked down organic, grass fed strip steaks @50% off, so each steak was about $4! I like that they’re individually wrapped, and about 10-12oz each, so son and I can share 1 for lunch, or I can cook 2 and get 3 servings for hubby, son and myself. I grabbed 9, so we’re set for a couple of weeks for those, IF I can keep son from cooking them as a midnight snack lol.

I was also pleasantly surprised at the amount of wild caught, olive oil packed tuna, sardines and salmon. So I grabbed a few tins of each.

The plan is very focused on healthy, colorful, non-starchy veggies and limits grains (sprouted, in small amounts, seems ok).

Which is great with me since I love my veggies!

The store had those giant clamshell packs of all kinds of leafy greens @ 50% off, so I got 3 of them, packed about 1/3 of each into “green bags” and put them in the fridge, then froze the rest – yes FROZE the rest – in ziploc bags. Why? Because they’re fine frozen in smoothies, soups, etc!

So, wish me luck!





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